This oppertunity creates unity

This opportunity creates unity, begins the process of transforming inner and outer overwhelm & builds confidence, re-connect to your vital energy in self, universal respect from others & for self and creates a daily environment that envokes pleasure


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It’s easy to get caught up in the day-to-day rituals of life.

Wake up…


Go to work…



Often, we do not realize that we have lost ourselves along the way... Perhaps, you began slowly noticing things that made you feel unsettled or uncomfortable within your own skin, within your mind…

Elevated Courses

Daily teachings, support, personal growth for Elevated Living

It is our mission to empower and guide students/clients towards fulfilling their human right of experienced connection. To reinforce a life filled with Universal love and Play. We are not meant to suffer endlessly within the confines of our minds and bodies.. with support and guidance we embark on a journey towards seeking life fulfillment.

My programs and courses offer simple, micro habit teachings in all aspects of living a life filled with compassion, joy-filled curiosity and inner peace. Building habits in a spherical way that allows each of the 5 pillars of my teachings to be accessible and easy to integrate into busy lives, while also complimenting and meeting each student where they are and dialing in what their unique needs and wants are in life's current chapter. Shifting perspectives of struggle and victim-states that hold a person down, clients begin going through life feeling supported, understood and respected by the inner self dialogue as well as building out their unique support system.  To feel like they can and will handle whatever hurdles comes their way with ease and lighter, healthier mindset. Releasing feelings of constantly being overwhelmed & choosing to create simple steps forward through life's inevitable challenging/lesson giving life cycles. 

  • I help highly sensitive people begin to feel empowered in their life and connected to their choices while beginning to release blame, victimhood, shame and judgement.

  • I offer support to clients, in finding their true mission and purpose in life by redefining what their unique inner and outer balance in life that works best for their personality and characteristics. No longer trying to fit into the same mold or ideology that society or others have taught us we should be, act or do.

  • I create a simple clear guide that directly begins to heal the mind body connection while re-balancing the nervous systems & hormonal systems.

  • Together we work at restructuring the brain map and body feels so that improvement in quality of living can be attained by trusting your inner guidance and intuitive.. instead of giving up your power & feeling trapped in other people's unhealthy expectations or our own inner judgements.

Feel Like Life Is Passing You By?

uncertain, overwhelmed, unmotivated, sleepless nights and days lacking authentic connections with REAL Talk??

Some of the possible side effects when moving forward and beginning to learn about your unique healing/Growth path...

1. Balancing of the nervous system

2. Overcoming resistance to change in the mental and physical (protective MindFrame)

3. Embodiment of the mind/body Universal Love connection 

4. The transition of feeling connected to possibilities instead of struggle and obstacles

5. Stepping into your In-Powerment of Choice

6. Curating your unique love state & how to grow beyond trauma - love is meant to be shared (meant to be given freely and without limits)

Low vibration thoughts /emotions /choices /language dreams /belief systems/ toxic love and relationships unwanted touch or sound/ stagnant health

over scheduled / distracted from life

This above reality is setting people up for long term and constant stress

Which leads the nervous system to pick up on what it is feeling NOW =(low vibration)

and not able to focus on what you want (positive vibration)

To create the shift from negative to positive it is imperative that you have guidance making these shifts.

Can you get there on your own - absolutely - however for most people I have witnessed, including myself, it takes a huge traumatic event or health scare to get people to change their ways on their own and even still most don’t do it on their own - that LIFE scare simply brings them face to face with the reality that we each need help when shifting what feels “normal” to us & the body will continuously go back to our “normal” internal thermostat

It takes a perspective shift to start to RE-direct how we see, feel, and ultimately live in our world or own unique reality.

The stories we tell ourselves are our TRUTH... they either build us up or form a unique framework of dis-connection.

Like a parasite, this dis-connection will feed on the life energy you have and will begin to dismantle your world. 

A common group of sore spots that show up and that we aim to heal/explore about ourselves in this group are the connections with Self, Others, Environment, Creativity and the ability to understand and feel our unique and ever evolving Joy.

Please share yourself openly and freely on this site, we are here to connect and support each other... for none of us are ever alone. Introduce yourself, share stories, ups and downs that you see/feel and experience in your life. 

Leave comments and ask questions & I will aim to help and answer as promptly as I am able.

Let's start this adventure towards realization of what connection means to each of us and how we can expand into it with openness and gratitude no matter what bumps and lessons may come along our path.

Our lives are shaped by those who love us, leave us, hurt us and heal us... it is our choice how we choose to grow from there

NOW listen so carefully.. our brain, mind... protective nature that it has is truly an incredible SKILL that our mind/body cultivated to aid in protecting us...

keeping us small and making us safe so not to shine too bright - however that no longer needs to be our destination.

Our evolution is crying out for more, we are slowly evolving into seekers.. peace seekers that crave more deep authentic connections while maintaining an inner calm Self and centered Environment is a beautiful point to witness and observe in your life path.

How do we manifest/heal this automatic defence?

We begin to shift out of automatic reaction state by first addressing our feelings around the situation and expressing them openly and in a safe space.

Then we begin to be at peace with the state of where we are at. Not hiding or denying ourselves of being heard, understood. That feeling this way is not bad or incorrect - it just no longer serves you as you move forward in your life’s journey.

Connecting to a tribe of people who move you forward and not keep you in victim state is beyond POWERFUL!

Making Micro-action steps everyday that empowers your mind, allows you to tune into your body and feels connected & at peace with your past stories so that you may open yourself up to the next lessons that will catapult you towards realizing your dreams and ideas are a reality.

Your unique ability to transform into the person who can lean into a sense of dis-ease is a skill that you will use over and over again - this skill you can share, learn, create and grow forward and upwards.

Within the Programs and Courses you will be taught a host of skills/teachings including yet not limited to : 

Micro building habits

Community growth mindset

Motivation tracking/scaling your wins & leaning into celebrating(gratitude for the tiny wins)


Holding Space for others

Open Communication

Keeping things real through the ups and downs 

Breaking the steps into doable tasks on the daily

Needs and Desires realized and understood

Learning the stages towards being THE observer

Unique to you~de-stressor visualizations

Why’s you do what you do, self realizations

Building up your intuitive feels and instincts

Inner Child guidance 

Trusting yourself (Inner dialogue practice)

Strength and flexibility balancing

Creating and nurturing trust with others

Letting go -control, perfectionism, reality dose, timelines, High or overcomplicated expectations, life pitfalls and victimhood, shame sensations, fear of failure,

fear of success 

Self reflection


Witnessing your inner Judgment

and the reality you create with it

Expressive Movement 

Subconscious retraining /reframing 

Deeper look into our Love languages

& the hidden shadows we hold onto

Numerology and our environment/relationships

Sexuality and it's many faucets

The How we deal with life challenges

To think /speak/ feel/ listen to our intuition

You’ve landed in a safe, nurturing space.

Need to ACT : be decisive and make it happen attitude

Progressive dream building

Self care/love and expanding our vibe tribe

Overcoming crucial ruts in life

Advanced meditations

Breaking apart the goals

and Activating dreams within DreamScape

Progress/reward systems that build you up

Healing Cleanses and intention driven downtime

A Warm Welcome To YOU, I’m Jen Elevated

Intuitive Healer, Connections Facilitator & Internal Peace Creator

With over 20 years of owning my own businesses doing everything from coaching, teaching and healing... and loving every moment however I felt a deep need inside of me to be able to offer more to more incredible people who were on a similar path to my own... sooo

For the last 4 years I have been teaching, healing & guiding individuals, couples and groups of - elevated peace makers - of all shapes, sizes, ages, abilities, & professions in recognizing their own inner wisdom then tapping into their unique gifts & creating a relationship with themselves to hear, trust and be guided by their own inner knowing...

Now, in this very moment there are possibilities of creating space and time to reflect on what may be your

next step forward.. no matter what you choose.

I am here...

Open and excited to be of service...

My sole mission is to aid people who are searching for support and connections; curious of leaning into the next phase of their life with renewed inner strength and not only wanting, Needing, to make the shifts required to tap into their inner warrior ( peace makers that uphold their right to seek and listen to their inner knowing that guides and creates our co-reality from within )

Jennifer is a lover of life and it's many twists and turns. It was a blessing to know and feel in her heart at a young age that it would be her life's purpose to teach and guide others along their unique journey. Every day she is grateful for having these beautiful gifts and also the many joyous experiences life has bestowed on her - being a mother, having the opportunity to travel, learn & teach abroad, connect in deep and powerful ways with people around the world & within her own community, owning & running several businesses and having incredible experiences that light up her life.

Taking Your First Steps Within...

Elevated Connections OnLine Teachings

opens each student/group up to experiencing

The 5 levels Of Activating Your Inner Warrior

Learning to let go of our negative energies is a crucial step to maturing psychologically. It’s something that is often approached in a misguided, highly complicated manner...There’s more to releasing resentment, shame, and lack of motivation than trying to talk yourself out of it.

The strategies we use should never be temporary quick fixes…

...and should instead complement your unique personal growth focused around YOUR needs, wants, and incredible desires. In order to reconnect with your own emotions, as well as those of the people around you: You must declare an amnesty with your resentment, your pain in your story.

Forgiveness is not something that we do for other people…

...but for ourselves.

Tidbit tips:

1. start really small time wise - spend 4mins a day choose only one action activity to try on the Elevated Connections app

2. take each day's lesson and implement as sacred YOU time (mark and book it off in a calendar or scheduler) 

3. only if you “feeling it”, do 4min play sessions at another time in the day (integrate within bedtime ritual)

4. write out the days that you did things more then once and how you felt in that day in general/then specific to emotions, physical and mental

5. begin to write out simple - like, not like, need more beside each of the activity(s) and a few simple words to describe the like/not like in that moment in time

6. beside each description write any emotions/thoughts/ideas that come up for you in the moment

7. get creative, make things fun and engaging for you -only you know what that is, so just be silly with things (cure for critical inner judgement is pure undiluted fun/silly and exploration mode)

8. begin to reach out to personal growth like-minded people that you feel safe, secure and comfortable with to practice and play with these new concepts and teachings (we have this community on our app so please reach out and share experiences, thoughts, questions and Wins! Plus comment so everyone feels the connection happening within the online energy)

9. learn to share things that may be pushed down and want/need to discuss -not sure who to talk to about it, this is the building of an elevated community -where we all practice asking mind & heart filled questions, followed by active listening

10. lean into vulnerability - this is the only way forward beyond what your current story and replay button is making your reality... if you truly crave and yearn for forward movement then allowing vulnerability to come forward is the first and final steps 

Find the path that feels right for you:

1) free teachings that gives a simple and effective 1st steps forward approach into the self, others, environment, creativity and igniting your joy center.

2) take some smaller courses that dive deep into the area that are of specific interest to you.

3) join our longer and more intensive programs that incorporate several key aspects of teachings and practical daily practices that will improve areas of limitation or stagnation within your life, your family, your relations, your work or a feeling of deep mistrust in knowing how/why to best navigate out of an overwhelming situation.

4) apply to work with me one-one or in a small group of motivated individuals/couples that are on a similar journey as you are. With individualized help you gain the perspective and even deeper connections to gaining insight and wisdom on the best path forward - this insight comes from within you and the ability to Ultimately trust your thoughts, feelings and creative output is a gift of practice, patience and having a strong Elevated Tribe that is 110% there for each other.

If You Are:

These Courses are bite sized chunks of learning incredibly powerful tools that you will have for your own journey and also very transferable to helping others along their Journey! Together we lean into the world of attracting body workers, energy workers, health and medical professionals and earnest students of metaphysical wonders and the magic of learning & listening to one's inner knowing and other consciousness disciplines.

Tips to success within these teachings:

Only focus on 1 teaching element per day- listen, implement and play with that idea/concept or action for that day then making micro steps forward.. see how many days in a row you can move into your growth within the course or program.

Are you Ready

  • Unsure how to regain clarity & control in your life
  • Looking to open yourself up to new experiences and possibilities
  • Ready to attract “your” tribe & fill a needed void in your life
  • Ready to embark on a journey of personal empowerment
  • Ready to release criticism & lean into empowerment
  • Looking to spark enhanced passion, love & success in your life
  • Ready to feel seen, respected & cared for in all ways

Why Not Join Me In Forging Your Elevated Connection?

Elevated Connections - Creator of the metamorphosis life planning

Transformational courses & programs that create guidance and inner realization towards connecting to your life’s path and finding simple and clear lessons that empower, create energy and balance thru healing

the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual realms of your reality.

Come take a collaborative approach towards connecting to the mind/body and joy centres.

Integrate inter-gratitude approaches towards every story and past event you have experienced.

Through comprehensive videos, one on one guidance and elevating your concepts of connection in groups

that focus on acceptance, openness and an integrative attitude of healing towards your highest SELF.

Will You Be One Of Them?

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